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Rambling Along

Where it's more about the journey than the destination.

25 November
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About Me
I'm a contraditions of contradictions. I live life according to the rules I want to live by and yet feel strongly for certain societal ethics. I'm a liberal conservative. I'm an extrovert introvert. I love the great outdoors and I love being a hikikomori too. I'm a fangirl with a short attention span and I am a scholar who will sit and debate world issues for hours. I am.

This LJ
This LJ is kept specifically for LJ trolling and discovering the amazing wonders all you LJ users provide to the world. It's meant to explore my fanfiction work and it's a space to share stories. You may find my fanfictions at the link below.

I am also using this LJ as a request space for posters, icons and fanfiction one shots. I don't do this thing formally and I only do work if it strikes my fancy. So if you know me well enough you know I will most likely do it for you. If not, you are most welcome to try your luck and request anyway. I don't bite. I promise. Just send me a message if you have any request.

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